Buy fifa 16 coins–A difference just for lack one Messi and one C Ronaldo

This morning’s Champions League, Real Madrid 2-0 win over Roma successfully 8 in advance, however, the score can not reflect the fact that: Rome in fact have a lot of chances to score, not just the chance the audience 12 feet hit the door, and also which also have a few second great opportunity to single-handedly, but the frustration is not really all forward archery fine, only watched the opportunity slip away from the front.
After the game , find the problem, the newspaper fifa 16 lamented after the game while the team missed a scoring opportunity five times, while praising the core C Ronaldo Real Madrid, said the campaign straight mass shooting of CR7 is “phenomenal” in players. Alternatively, we can use a more straightforward way to paraphrase this point: Compared to Real Madrid, Roma is the lack of a C Ronaldo.
No Matter where excellent strikers are very scarce, in these a few years buy fifa 16 coins in Rome change many strikers, but to find at the key moment will even not find a good shot. In fact, more than just Rome, the reason why many wealthy powers is always miss the championship, just lack of the C Ronaldo who is a top killer.
Besides C Ronaldo, another next top one is Messi. Like C Ronaldo, Messi in Barcelona equally key place, although their responsibility in the team task are different. Messi is not just a shooting skills Terminator, now he can assume the task of creating, with accurate passing attack to drive the team.

Messi in the value of a team, Guardiola is perhaps the one most qualified to speak. In the hands of Guardiola, Messi cheap fifa 16 coins grown from superstar number one, after the separation he personally crush melon handsome Champions League dream. Last season Barcelona against Bayern Munich is still vivid in my mind, although at the Nou Camp, but Bayern did not play a passive, possession, or even pass a few dominant part.
The race is definitely not the final 3-0 score can really reflect, Barcelona against Bayern maybe just a difference of lacking one Messi. Macy’s flash mind to fundamentally change the course of the game, after he shot dead before the restricted area to get rid of the lateral, shake down inside the area Boateng lob network, and finally help Neymar assists in just 13 minutes , the game turned into a one-sided from the balance of power on the score, which is the value of the Macy’s location.
As today’s football best two, C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is certainly beyond the ability of other players , C Ronaldo’s finishing ability, Macy’s ability to create, all is today football’s big skills . To have such an excellent level players, Real Madrid and Barcelona is very luck, because, in many games, flash different win or not, often is just that there is have C Ronaldo, Messi there or not.


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