C Ronaldo Creat Superior Record: 61 Games to Break in Champions League, Messi Ranked No. 3–Fifa 16 Coins Cheaply

Against Roma in the Champions League, C Ronaldo scored the season 13 Champions League goals, but buy fifa 16 coins also his career first 90 Champions League goals. Helping the team succeed in the top eight, but also extended his top scorer lead in the Champions League .

In the Champions League this season, C Ronaldo ‘s13 goals are even more than most of the team’s goals. At this time, only Bayern (21 goals), Barcelona (17 balls), Manchester City (15 goals), Chelsea (14 goals) and Paris Saint-Germain (14 goals) five team goals more than the C Ronaldo, the other remaining 26 teams failed to score more than the number of Portuguese. In the C Ronaldo’a leading, Real Madrid has scored 23 goals in the Champions League of this season, which cheap fifa 16 coins is the most fierce team.

In addition to the goals become more and more, C Ronaldo in the Champions League scoring streak to 61 games also ranks first one. You know, a lot of players , who is throughout his career, can’t reach such heights. This data is closest to C Ronaldo is another Real Madrid legend –Raul, had goals he scored in 56 games, but in the last year, Raul has officially retired. In the history of the Champions League top scorer catching up C Ronaldo, is Messi, who is the closest active player of C Ronaldo’s record, the Argentine had achieved goals in 51 games.

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