Barcelona: Neymar Definitely Stay, Messi Kicked at Least 2021–Cheap Fifa 16 Coins

Recently, Barcelona technical director Robert accepted the Spanish national television interview, the interview Robert emphasizes, Messi for Barcelona club until at least 2021, Neymar buy fifa 16 coins is also stay with the team.

Messi’s current contract expires in 2018, there are a lot of people are guessing Macy’s future will go, but Robert said that Messi will stay in Barcelona:I can tell you quite sure, Messi for Barcelona club until at least 2021. but we are talking about the cheap fifa 16 coins best player in the world, some say he competitive level might decline, but the fact is not the case in recent years, he will remain the pinnacle state. he is the same as God in the world. and at least the next few years, he will wearing a Barcelona jersey. ”

Messi had previously indicated a wish in his native Argentina to end his career, which Robert said they will respect the choice of Messi:. “He can choose your favorite place to retire, I was telling the fifa 16 truth. Messi is too good, and in the field he will always make the best choice, and this is the different places between other great players, because very few people can do this. ”

Another Barcelona star Neymar renewal process is very slow, so the recent Brazilian names often pull together on these Manchester United and Real Madrid and other wealthy club, Robert again stressed that Neymar will stay in Barcelona: “I am a long time ago once said, and I say it again today, Neymar will stay in Barcelona, ​​you would not have had imagined and I would worry that if he is happy at Barcelona, ​​but the current situation, I worry is unnecessary. ”

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