Messi ‘s Amazing Perseverance: Body With Kidney Stones Eat Painkillers Insist Three Games–Buy Fifa 16 Coins

Messi, today’s football first person, enjoy unlimited acclaim and praise, however, behind the buy fifa 16 coins success, he also paid unimaginable hardships. The treatment of kidney stones disease doctor Ruiz said, there are three games, Messi bear the enormous pain of kidney stones to play.

Last December, Barcelona and Hengda Club World Cup semi-final before the game, Messi because the kidney problems was lack the game, but at that time he did not undergo surgery, but through the cheap fifa 16 coins water discharge stones, and in time for the finals . February 9 this year, Messi missed Barcelona’s training, according to Spanish media reports, Argentina King performed a kidney stone surgery, the day to go home to convalesce in two days after participating in team training.

Doing kidney stone surgery doctor Ruiz for Messi in an interview with Catalan TV3 television interview, he said: “Messi has three games are played with kidney stones pain, at that time he is discharged kidney stones yet, for this We had to use painkillers. ”

Ruiz said the kidney stone surgery , with an energy destroy kidney stones, let it easy to discharge, and on Messi’s constitution, he is very likely to have kidney disease, “to the age of 50, he the body may be another 2-8 stones. ”

Professional doctor, renal colic because of kidney pain caused by blocked urinary tract, pain comparable to childbirth. Before the original stone expulsion, Messi could not attend training of Barcelona , and also can not participate in the competition, because the stones may move, causing pain, but for the team, Messi bear the huge pain to play, respectableadm.

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