8 Million! The First Person to Leave Barcelona, Baltra Are Priced 12 Million—Buy Fifa 16 UT Coins

Barcelona are ready to invest in more than 50 million euros this summer signings for the team, which Buy Fifa 16 Coins means the team will have to sell some players. According to Italian media, “national” news, Florence has decided to buy a player on loan from Barcelona , the player Tello, Barcelona will receive € 8 million transfer fee in the deal.

The paper said that Florence will not negotiate eight million buyout price (with Barcelona) for further agreement, since both the initial lease contracts have reached a consensus. In addition, Barcelona Cheap fifa 16 coins will have a buy-back clause, the next two seasons, Barcelona will be entitled to 16 million euros will be priced Tello recovered.

Tello in 2011 against Oscar Pita Wright King’s Cup tournament staged in Barcelona, debut in that game, Tello buy fifa 16 ut coins scored two goals, one assist as well, so he got widespread media attention . Tello played three seasons for Barcelona club, the summer of 2014, he was loaned from Barcelona,to Porto of Portugal.

After a half of the season on loan to FC Porto, on January of this year, Tello has been sublet to Serie Florence. Florence aspect is very high regard Tello, and clear show that hope to activate a purchase option of player. And Tello Fifa 16 coins also very happy to continue to play in Serie A, and also like to live in Florence. The newspaper also said the two sides will sign a four-year contract in the summer.

“Daily Sport newspaper,” said, Besides Tello, Barcelona will sell several other players in the summer. Barcelona has priced Baltra12 million a few weeks ago. for striker Sandro teenager, Barcelona hopes to sell about 10 million of the price. While the other player of the team’s defender Thomas Vermaelen also received offers from the Premier League, but reports did not mention the specific quotation and from which club.

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