Chelsea “Earthquake”! 9 Players Maybe Leave Team In Summer—-Fifa 16 UT Coins

Chelsea in the past few days, a series out from the Champions League, the FA Cup. Descend directly from the Premier League champions to the point where Chelsea is bound to lead “earthquake” in the summer. According to the “Daily Express” reported that Chelsea this summer maybe will have nine players leave team.

Chelsea in this season, nothing to get. the Blues not only from the FA Cup, Champions League, League Cup exit, and they Buy Fifa 16 Coins in the Premier League, is also basically lost hope before reached four (will miss the Champions League qualification next season). This also means that Chelsea this season, the only remaining goal is to avoid relegation. In this case, Chelsea this summer for redevelopment is a high probability event. Earlier, the British media Cheap Fifa 16 UT Coins has confirmed, Conti will become Chelsea’s new coach this summer. When he was recruiting the Blues, it is almost inevitable. The rebuilding and cleaning has always been linked to Chelsea this summer to start cleansing.

“Daily Express” has revealed that Chelsea will clean up to nine players in the summer. Forward line, the Chelsea almost completely change,Diego – Costa, Remy, Pato, Falcao these people Buy Fifa 16 UT Coins maybe be cleaned. Among them, the place for Costa maybe is Spain, he is expected to return to his old club Atletico Madrid. As Remy, he has never been able to prove himself at Chelsea, which swallowed up Chelsea which don’t have more patience. Pato and Falcao on loan players, Chelsea this summer will not leave them.

In midfield, Azar, Matic, Pedro, Oscar, the four probably will leave Chelsea this summer. Azar played amazing fall in this season, and his slump also very dissatisfied Chelsea. British media confirmed that Chelsea is now no longer blocked Azar to leave. As long as Real Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain can be opened right price, then Chelsea Fifa 16 will let him leave. Matic’s situation like Azar, he outstanding performance last season, but in this season is very weak, can not even keep the main location. As for Pedro, who since joining Barcelona, ​​has been unable to adapt to the Premiership. The Oscar this season lost spirituality , unable to provide effective help for Chelsea.

Defense aspects, Terry will leave Chelsea. Previously, Terry has publicly announced that due to Chelsea do not want to give him a new contract, he will leave the Blues this summer. As for his next stop, MLS and CSL all is possible.

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