British Media Exposure Real Madrid Will Use James Rodriguez Exchange For Chelsea’s Eden Hazard!—Buy Fifa Coins

According to the English media, “The Sun” news, Real Madrid may be a stunning deal with Chelsea, Galacticos fifa 16 ut coins will use James Rodriguez exchange with Eden Hazard.

According to “The Sun” news said, because of poor state of James Rodriguez of the season, Real Madrid consider to clean Colombian striker leave. But Real Madrid believe that now 24-year-old James Rodriguez buy fifa 16 coins is still worth a lot of money. After the 2014 World Cup, to James Rodriguez join Real Madrid with the price 80 million euros (70 million pounds).

As for Chelsea star Eden Hazard, he is always the cheap fifa 16 coins target of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane of Real Madrid also publicly showed he likes player as Eden Hazard. Eden Hazard, he admits that he is a fan of Zidane.

“The Sun,” news claimed that in this season, whether it is Eden Hazard or James Rodriguez, all bad performance in their own clubs, Madrid executives believe that the two sides swap transactions benefit both parties. Eden Hazard with James Rodriguez can have the opportunity to be reborn in a new club after the transfer . Chelsea buy fifa coins showed they will not easily let Eden Hazard go, the Belgian is priced of over £ 100 million.

However, Real Madrid said they would not pay such a huge transfer fee of Eden Hazard. They think James Rodriguez is with a sufficient exchange of Eden Hazard.

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