Buy Fifa 16 Coins–Amazing Secret of Barcelona! Football Star Refused to Give the Club President Toilet Paper, then be Sold

Because the state is not good, lack of discipline or the requirements in terms of salary is too high, club players are sold, this cheap fifa 16 coins is commonplace in football area, but you heard the club President because the players refused to give toilet paper and get rid of player?

   This is not fantasy, but the real thing. According to the British “Daily Mirror” news reported, then why Barcelona buy fifa 16 coins sold Neeskens, because the president of the club go to toilet, but Neeskens refused to provide a helping hand toilet paper to him.

From a book about the Barcelona club which is new publication, entitled the “Barcelona anecdotal”, the event occurred in 1978, when Neeskens is one of the best players in the Barcelona club, played in Barcelona 5 year. Neeskens also part of the legendary Ajax, helped the cheap fifa 16 ut coins team won the European Cup three times, and the 1974 World Cup finals, he helped the Dutch team opened the scoring.

Although Neeskens was the Netherlands, “Dream Team” member, but the Barcelona club president Nunez still decided to sell him, because Neeskens in Alicante Rick Perez Stadium make him in awkward position. In the course of the toilet, Nunez found himself did not take toilet paper, and then hope Neeskens help him , but Neeskens refused, then club president Nunez in rage, roar : “I have the opportunity will make you sell! ”

Hard to image in today’s Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, Neymar or Suarez will be soled because fifa 16 they do not give toilet paper to the club president Bartomeu, but 30 years ago, such a thing happened. In 1979, although Barcelona has won one European Cup Winners Cup, Neeskens is also Barcelona fans favorite player, the Barcelona club still send the 28-year-old Neeskens to the New York Cosmos after the end of the season .

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