British Media Exposure Barcelona Joint 5 Premiership Giants Rebel Groups Not Play The Champions League

Five Premiership giants want to be out of the Champions League, so that a new group of European Super League’s plan buy fifa 16 coins is now touted. As early two weeks ago, the British media, “Sun” news vowed that Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, this five Premiership giants executives have a meeting in London, is planning the formation of European Super League, although since then Liverpool and Arsenal aspects said it is  rumor, but still led to a controversy. The “Sun” the latest news that the Spanish giants Barcelona are also willing to support top 5 European Super League for the formation of the Premier League .

Earlier, “Sun,” said the Premier League’s top five executives and wealthy American billionaire Stephen – Ross have a secret meetings cheap fifa 16 coins in Dorchester Hotel in London , the focus of discussion is the establishment of the European Super League plan. Vice-Chairman of Woodward of Manchester United, Chelsea chairman Bruce – Booker, the Chairman Ivanof  Arsenal – Jiaqidisi, Chairman Soriano of Manchester City and Liverpool host giant Ian – Al, who all appeared, and was to take photo. Because Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, which is likely to miss the next season’s Champions League, so they are very willing to promote a new program to make up for financial losses.

Today, the “Sun” the latest news that Barcelona are willing to join them, which exerted pressure on UEFA and FIFA to make. Initially British media analysis, said the main goal of the European Super League plan to win over Manchester United, AC Milan, Inter Milan’s side which are so likely to miss next season’s Champions League traditional giants. As defending champion of the Champions League, Barcelona added will undoubtedly result in greater impact to UEFA .

Financial Vice-President Susanna Monge of Barcelona said in an interview: “We need to promote all club buy fifa 16 ut coins controlled by the European League, now more dependent on this UEFA or FIFA,  there is still much room for improvement in their management, which is the goal of the club wanted to pursue. ”

At present, for the formation of a new European Super League mixed views, Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said the new Super League will be strong enough to completely eliminated the small team of financial . Bayern main player Pep Guardiola said: “Plan looks very interesting, but I do not know what it means for the national league, I do not know for Bayern, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Atletico what it means actually. I’m not sure in the absence of UEFA and FIFA, whether new events will be better. ”

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