Wenge Declare Never Resign: No Me, No Arsenal Glory–Cheap Fifa 16 UT Coins

After the exit from the FA Cup, Arsenal plan to get domestic trophies as this season comforting which is also lost. in these two days, for Wenger’s criticism like flood coming, and even the day buy fifa 16 coins before Arsenal fans burned shirts forced Wenger to off. From the “Daily Mail” news said:  today, Wenger finally can’t sit still, and fight back the criticism.

In the interview, Wenger answer the voice of asking him to to resign: I don’t doubt my own a strong work ethic all the time! In addition, he also said: I am at Arsenal at the time that Arsenal has nothing , without any external resources time, I hard work, single-handedly created Cheap fifa 16 coins the club. if you compare today’s Arsenal to Arsenal that I just came, you will find that Arsenal improved not just a little – and without any external funding ‘s help. ”

For the British media news: Wenger may resign in advance, Wenger was denied, he said: Compare I first came in Arsenal 20 years ago, I now work more hospitable.  if you are in a place to be too long, there buy fifa 16 ut coins will always be someone to stand out and question if you are be here too long or not. For my own ability is no doubt, I am willing to pay more time and energy for Arsenal.

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