One Messi Against Arsenal Whole Team–Buy Fifa 16 Coins

To make a goal for Messi, it is not a hard thing , even if Ospina will be able to push Messi’s goal for one time, but he is buy fifa 16 coins certainly not stop Barcelona’s number 10 to get the score. After get score in this game, Messi has eight consecutive seasons in total 40 goals.

the first 17 minutes in Match, Messi got a break opportunity, Neymar retreated to midfield to get the ball, then sent a long pass, Messi calmly stopped the ball, single-handedly catapult before small restricted area, but Arsenal’s goalkeeper Ospina who is very brave to buy fifa 16 ut coins push Messi’s shot out. But if Messi want to shot, then no one can stop him. In game 88 minutes, Messi get Neymar’s pass, got the opportunity to single-handedly face the goalkeeper again, this time, Messi chose a lightweight flip shot, Ospina has no chance and just see the the ball touch the ground, fall into the net.  3-1, Messi help the team win.

In this game, Messi has 6 foot shot, the twice was blocked, there are three on target Shots and get cheap fifa 16 coins a goal. Besides, Messi had 83 feet pass, 73 successful passes, the passing success rate is up to 88%, 4 times success bypass and created two scoring opportunities for his teammates.

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