Real Madrid Will Put James & Isco on Sale, List James Five Crimes—Buy Fifa 16 Coins

According to Spanish media reports, the transfer market in this summer, Real Madrid will put James and Isco for sale.

“Aspen” news said the Real Madrid will put both into the market, as Bernabeu’s opinion, the Cheap fifa 16 coins two men become troubles, to take advantage of the market value is still higher, sell as soon as possible to get the cash in the summer.

The newspaper also said that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is not satisfied with the performance of Jeams and Isco, Zidane took office, the two men are also failed to activate state, so Real Madrid decided to Buy fifa 16 coins sell them, if the buyer offer is ok, Bernabeu is willing to open transfer negotiations.

James and Isco situation are not the same. James In this season is not ideal, maybe effect by the injure in early time of the season, and he is discord relationship with Benitez, Real Madrid had intended to observe for a while after Zidane took office, but found the performance of Colombians is still no improvement. Besides, let Real Madrid president can not accept is that, in this case, James aspects want to add salary, which Cheap fifa 16 ut coins makes the club is unhappy.

“Aspen” news also lists “five crimes” of James(the five reasons of Real Madrid want to sell him). 1: the state of rapid decline; 2:not enough low-key at outside(such as drive sports car out of speeding, etc.); 3:when poor performance is still asking for a raise of salary; 4: the Bernabeu fans have already dissatisfied with him, and hissed; 5: the market value still high, can sell a good price.

Isco’s performance also make Real Madrid worry.  Zidane trusts him, there are in total 13 games,and arrange him first serve in10 games, but the Spaniard’s performance fell short of expectations. Especially VS Las Palmas, Isco are publicly expressed dissatisfaction after replaced, throwing his coat and shin pads, which angered Real Madrid president

“Aspen” news said the English Premier League Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United are interested in the 24-year-old James, and Juventus and Manchester City may be suitors of Isco. According to the valuation “transfer market” websites, James is worth about 80 million euros now, and Isco is about 45 million euros.

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