Real Madrid Emerge Strongest team! Next VS Barcelona Will Be Fierce

4-0 win Sevilla, Real Madrid swept away the haze in Gran Canaria Stadium a week ago, with a hearty victory to face next match— Barcelona.

It is true that Real Madrid this season’s performance is not good, but after watching this game, I believe that Cheap Fifa 16 coins no one believes Real Madrid just a lamb to be slaughtered. The campaign, Zidane arrange a complementary advantages, very energetic midfield, with Benzema return and BBC restructuring, still brave Navas, Real Madrid reflects the amazing fighting.

The game, due to the suspended Pepe, and Ramos, Nacho and Varane is the starting halfback combination, the two sides of back is changed Carvajal and Abel Figuero , to Danilo and Marcelo. The campaign, Real Madrid’s defense did not suffer too much trouble, sometimes mistakes are not a big mistake. Next game against Barcelona, ​​Zidane is likely to continue to adjust to the defense.

Zidane arrangement ‘s the biggest bright spot is the Cheap fifa 16 ut coins combination and arrangement midfield in this campaign. Prior to this, Zidane managed 13 games of Real Madrid, a total of six different tried midfield, the game he chose Modric, Cross and Casemiro to play, before this, such midfield appeared only once.

In addition to the midfield, striker BBC combined state also make Real Madrid fans are delighted, Benzema hit the first game score when he Buy fifa 16 coins back from injury, and he connected the role of two wings, be impressive in the center position. Bell and C Ronaldo also reflect excellent competitive state, and also made a goal.

After Zidane taking office , he keep trying, and now it seems, he seems to have found the perfect team of himself minds. If no big surprises, April 2, VS Barcelona, ​​Zidane still arrange the midfield Modric, Casemiro and Cross, the forward line is almost certainly BBC three, goalkeeper Navas is, the defense although is variables, but is probably Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos and Marcelo. Relying on this 11 players, who can say Real Madrid can’t win Barcelona ?

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