Xavi: Messi is The Best in The World, no Need The World Cup to Prove

Former Barcelona captain Xavi in the interview, he praised cheap fifa 16 coins Messi is the history best, no need to prove to win the World Cup champion .

Now in Barcelona, Messi increasingly retreated to midfield to get ball, assist midfielder to organize attack, it was cheap fifa 16 ut coins felt more and more like Xavi’s play method. In this regard, Xavi smiled and replied: Does Messi play like Xavi? no, Messi play just like Messi, on the pitch, he can do anything that he wants, and he handles with everything very good. he is the best player in history.

In addition, Xavi also said that the World Cup can not cover the greatness of Messi: Messi is the best player in the world, he is no need to buy fifa 16 coins prove himself to win the World Cup, Di Stefano and Cruyff have not won the World Cup, but this does not hide their greatness.

Xavi went on to say: my peak period is between 28 years to 32 years, but now, Messi knows how to maintain his status more than ever, he always behaved very amazing.

For the performance in his club Barcelona of this season, Xavi said: The team’s performance on the pitch almost makes me drool, they are at a very high level, they have to do is that continue to win.

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