Buy fifa 16 Coins—Mascherano: Messi Let Me Penalty Kick on Several Occasions, I Refused

After joining Barcelona, ​​Javier Mascherano has never score, recently TYC Sports television interview, Mascherano said that Messi has buy fifa 16 coins repeatedly provided penalty kick opportunities for him to let him get the Barca’s first goal, but he refused.

Mascherano said: Messi repeatedly take a penalty kick to give me, but I refused, to be honest, I did not score I do not like to buy fifa 16 ut coins feel strong to do one thing, the penalty ball is not part of my thing. everyone should not be changed as a result of liability in the field, to make penalty kick for the one who punish.

Mascherano praised Messi: Messi is to grow in his own way, he was so special, so unique, that he can adapt to cheap fifa 16 coins anything. we think he will not play another winger at the time, he again become a winger who can play in midfield, can play No. 9, can play a scorer, can present the middle, it can be in the front. no one can compare with him.

Mascherano also said the team’s style: “Everyone can choose their own way of playing and the way of pursuit of victory , of course, I accept all methods,  it is also relatively more like wa. every coach let players choose the best way to adapt.  now Argentine soccer become more adventurous than ever before, which is good for everyone. ”

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