Real Madrid Team Jersey Sales Chart: C Ronaldo Ranked First, Bale Ranked No. 3

Real Madrid jersey sales team who are the top player? Recently, the Spanish media lists the cheap fifa 16 coins Real Madrid players’ jersey sales rank, there is no doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo No. 7 jersey ranked first.

The first in the history of Real Madrid striker, and also one of the world’s most prestigious players, Cristiano Ronaldo is far ahead in this list. Ranked Cristiano Ronaldo’s behind is James, he has buy fifa 16 coins a huge suitors in the South American market.

Bell is ranked the third. Welsh gradually rise in fame, he also gradually win the confidence of the cheap fut coins Bernabeu fans. Real Madrid captain Ramos was fourth, Spanish international player is the loyal fan’s favorite, especially in the 2014 Champions League final Ramos scored to tie the score, for which Ramos jersey is soaring.

France striker Benzema ranked No. 5, the German midfielder Cross is ranked No. 6.

Real Madrid team jersey sales list:

1.C Ronaldo


3. Bale

4. Ramos

5. Benzema

6. Kroos

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