Messi Warm Side, Visit Sick Boy

Hard work on the football field, low-key and well-behaved in daily life, Messi is a lot of teenagers’ idol. Messi’s fans have buy fifa 16 coins such a special group, even though they do not like an ordinary child to sweat on the pitch, but they still love football, and Messi often take time to meet with them and encourage them not to give up.

Tommy is a young boy from Cordoba, and he was suffering from brittle bone disease, the body is very fragile, even cheap fifa 16 coins a slight touch, are likely to cause serious fractures. He usually confined to a wheelchair, even wanted to go to sleep it is also a very difficult thing. Like most kids, he also regard Messi as his idol, and has been forward to seeing his idol.

Recently, according to a Web site reported that Argentina, Messi after learning of this incident, immediately contact with Tommy’s family, and in a small hotel , met with cheap fifa 16 ut coins Tommy and his family. The Little Tommy is not only close to his idol, but also take a photo with Messi. In the photo, the Tommy did not look at the camera, but turned to look at Messi’s face.

Meanwhile, Messi also encourage small Tommy, hope he can be strong to fight with the disease. As early as 2012, there is a deformity caused by his legs be amputated, the  10-year-old boy Sufian, with his prosthetic story which make Messi be moved. Messi after learning of his situation, also specifically with him at the Nou Camp kicked football together. In addition, after the game against Osasuna goal, Messi celebrates scoring, patting his legs action , special gave to Sufian.

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