Messi Involve in” 500 Balls Curse”! Embarrassing Data, Shot 20 Feet But 0 Goals

Last 4 games, Messi’s performance is not normal, or that he returned to Earth from outer space. Villarreal, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad, the Argentina superstar could not get a goal, and this is not just a problem of accuracy. In fact,in four games,Messi buy fifa 16 coins shot in total 20 times, the only goal being shot five times, did not score, to Messi, this type of data is a little embarrassed.

to Villarreal, Messi shot four times, one shot is; Real Madrid, three shots, one shot is; for Atletico Madrid, 6 shots, one shot is; for Real Sociedad, 7 shot, 2 shot is.

Messi played a total of 39 games for Barcelona in this season, including 24 games he scored a goal, and failed to score in 15 games. His cheap fifa 16 coins last score in the March 16 game against Arsenal, Barcelona 3 to 1 win. Thereafter draw against Villarreal, Real Madrid’s defeat, against Atletico Madrid’s victory and the defeat of the Royal Society, he did not score. Messi did not score in four games, Barcelona 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses.

Since January 2014, the first time Messi suffered four consecutive games without scoring drought. However, in February 1, Barcelona against Valencia in the league, Messi get a goal, breaking the curse.

And in April 2010, Messi has 5 consecutive games without scoring or assists. This is the first time in 10 years, Messi’s 4 consecutive games Fifa ultimate team coins is no goals and assists. Bolivia match, Messi made his first career 499 ball, but since then, he has been unable to get his first career 500 ball.

Spain “World Sports Daily,” said Messi is into a “500 Ball Curse”, he has 362 minutes without a goal, who accustomed to play an important role in the offensive line players, it is so long time. Messi is weary in the field, he could not find a spark of inspiration, can not find his place. His activities in the wing, and then went to the middle to find a solution to the problem, but to no avail. He did not break the power,and can not be completed extraordinary. After international competitions back, Messi is lack of energy.

This week to Barcelona is crucial, because the game against Atletico Madrid, will decide the fate of Barcelona in the Champions League this season, and at this time, Barcelona needs Messi very urgently. Argentine superstar can break the curse?

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