Exposure: Neymar Not mind join Real Madrid, Real Madrid President Twice a Secret Meeting With His Father

“Daily Sports” reported this week, Neymar has said to his father, now do not listen to any offer, do not talk to anyone to negotiate. But before this, in fact Neymar’s fathere has contacted with several representatives of the clubs that Neymar interested. The cheap fifa 16 coins most interested Club of Neymar is  the rivals of Barcelona – Real Madrid.

As early as Neymar to join Barcelona,  there was news said that Neymar received a contract offer from Real Madrid which is in fact more than Barcelona’s offer. But at that time, Neymar buy fifa 16 coins is very firm idea, that if left Santos, he only thought of playing in Barcelona. His most yearning is Barcelona, it also allows him to make a choice to join the Camp Nou.

But Florentino has not given up let Neymar to wear white shirts to make his efforts. “Secrets” revealed in recent months, Florentino always operate with Neymar’s transfer, for this did many efforts, and with had two talks Neymar’s father. The cheap fifa 16 ultimate team coins first time was in December of last year, the location is Madrid. The second time was in January of this year, the location is Zurich. During the FIFA Golden Globe Awards, Neymar’s father took the plane arrived in Zurich at first, Neymar and other teammates which attended the awards ceremony took a private aircraft to arrive later. Accordance with the “secret” saying, Neymar’s father met with Florentino in Zurich, he told Real Madrid president said that Neymar would not mind to join Real Madrid.

“Daily Sport newspaper,” said the only possibility to make Florentino back down is that one of his concerns, he was worried that let C Ronaldo and Neymar coexistence in a dressing room can be a problem, in addition to the annual salary of Neymar is nearly double of superstar like Moss and Bale, this will let the dressing room be unrest.

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