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Messi Maybe Will Miss the Argentina Opener of America’s Cup, Injury Still Feel Pain

Opening of the America’s Cup has been getting closer, if the injured Messi can play very affecting the people. According to “Daily Sports Daily” reports, Messi may miss the cheap fifa 16 coins tournament in Argentina and Chile opener.

Last weekend, in the warm-up match between Argentina and Honduras, in the case of loss of cheap fifa coins balance Messi was kicked opponents back waist position, pain immediately be benched. After the match, according to the official statement of Argentina, Messi is left ribs and lumbar soft tissue contusion. Doctors say the first 48 hours will buy fifa 16 coins be crucial to recovery.

According to “Daily Sports Daily” reported, although the condition has improved every day, but Messi is still very painful. After the injury, he did not participate in training Messi, did not follow the Argentine national team to the United States, but returned to Rosario and his family doctor, accompanied by recuperating.

Wednesday or Thursday, Messi will buy fifa coins return to Barcelona to attend the court hearing the case of tax evasion. According to the plan, Messi will travel to the US on Saturday, with the Argentine national team to join. However, the “Daily Sport newspaper,” It seems that injury healed plus long flight, Messi can play the first match with Chile, play on a big question mark.

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Real Madrid President Mock Barcelona: Real Madrid Has 11 Crown, Barcelona Only Five Crown

During Florentino Real Madrid coach, he spent a lot of money, but it is pitiful titles, for Florentino suffered many Barcelona fans taunt. This time, after Real Madrid win the cheap fifa 16 coins Champions League, Florentino at the San Siro – Meazza made a gesture, hit back at doubters.

At that time, Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid buy fifa 16 coins rely on penalty shootout, won the club’s first 11 Champions League trophy. Florentino with a joking tone, said: “You must agree that Real Madrid is even better team, Barcelona has won five Champions League, we won 11 trophies!” “Marca” said Florencia when Tarantino celebrate Real Madrid team history 11 crown, Barcelona Real Madrid president mocking titles less.

“Daily Sport newspaper,” it is further reported that the matter was in the stadium box sat a Ming Basa fans from close Florentino, Florentino roaring toward him: “Florentino, you ! must buy fifa coins admit that Barcelona is the best “Florentino turned his hands to display the” 5 “figure, hit back saying:”! Barcelona only five, we have 11, “after that Ming Basa fans say, former Real Madrid in the cheap fifa coins Champions League five times to get a very,. “but those titles from the bad times,” Florentino finally responded by saying: “Right now, we have 11 championship ……”

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Brazilian Announced Kaka in America’s Cup Team List, to Replace Bayern Douglas – Costa

Brazilian Football Association this morning on the cheap fifa 16 coins official website announced that the Bayern winger Douglas – Costa injured missed this summer’s America’s Cup, this year 34-year-old Kaka America’s Cup finalists squad.

Brazilian Football Confederation official statement said: “The technical committee decided to recruit Kaka to participate in this summer’s Copa America a hundred years, he will buy fifa 16 coins replace Douglas – Costa location Costa because of left thigh muscle injury can not play.” About Costa concrete truce time, the Brazilian Football Confederation official did not specify. According to the Brazilian Football Association previously announced shirt number, replace para Costa Costa Kaka might buy fifa coins leave wearing No. 7 jersey. Kaka is currently playing in the US Major League team Orlando City this season, he performed very well, 7 games contributed two goals and five assists. Kaka has played for the Brazilian team 91 times, scoring 29 goals, won a World Cup and Confederations Cup champions twice.

Century America’s Cup, Brazil and Haiti, Ecuador and Peru with the same score in Group B, the cheap fifa coins first game is Beijing at 10:00 on June 5 against Ecuador.

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2016 European Cup Journey

2016 European Cup Group:

Group A: France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland

Group B: England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia

Group C: Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Northern Ireland

Group D: Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia

Group E: Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Sweden

Group F: Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary

Due to the current European Cup a total of 24 teams participate in the competition, so in addition to the cheap fifa 16 coins top two teams, six teams of four to buy fifa 16 coins take the third best score of 16 qualify for the final.

Schedule is as follows

Beijing June 11

03:00 France vs Romania

21:00 Albania vs Switzerland

June 12

00:00 Wales vs Slovakia

03:00 England vs Russia

21:00 Turkey vs Croatia

June 13

00:00 Poland vs Northern Ireland

03:00 Germany vs Ukraine

21:00 Spain vs Czech Republic

June 14

00:00 Ireland vs Sweden

03:00 Belgium vs Italy

June 15

00:00 Austria vs Hungary

03:00 Portugal vs Iceland

21:00 Russia vs Slovakia

June 16

00:00 Romania vs Switzerland

03:00 France vs Albania

21:00 England vs Wales

June 17

00:00 Ukraine vs Northern Ireland

03:00 Germany vs Poland

21:00 Italy vs Sweden

June 18

00:00 Czech Republic vs Croatia

03:00 Spain vs Turkey

21:00 Belgium vs Ireland

June 19

00:00 Iceland vs Hungary

03:00 Portugal vs Austria

June 20

03:00 Romania vs Albania

Switzerland vs France

June 21

03:00 Russia vs Wales

Slovakia vs England

June 22

00:00 Ukraine vs Poland

Northern Ireland vs Germany

03:00 Czech Republic vs Turkey

Croatia vs Spain

June 23

00:00 Iceland vs Austria

Hungary vs Portugal

03:00 Italy vs Ireland

Sweden vs Belgium

Knockout round

(1) at 21 o’clock on the June 25 second in Group A second group vs C

(2) at 00:00 on June 26 in group B vs A first Group III / III group C / D Group III

(3) 03:00 D vs Group B first group III / E Group III / F Group III

(4) 21:00 A first group vs C Group III / D Group III / E Group III

(5) at 00:00 on June 27 Group C vs A first Group III / III group B / F Group III

(6) 03:00 F vs E group second group first

(7) Jun 28 Ri 00:00 E group second group first vs D

(8) the second group 03:00 B group second vs F

quarter final

(9) at 3:00 on July 1st (1) winner vs (3) winner

(10) at 03:00 on July 2 (2) winner vs (6) winner

(11) at 03:00 on July 3 (5) Victor vs (7) winner

(12) at 03:00 on July 4 (4) winner vs (8) winner


(13) at 03 o’clock on July 7 (9) winner vs (10) winner

(14) at 03:00 on July 8 (11) winner vs (12) Victor


At 3:00 on July 11 (13) winner vs (14) Victor

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La Liga Dribbles list: Neymar NO.1, Messi NO.2, C Ronaldo is Not in Top 10

La Liga is already ending, famous football website OPTA data statistics of the Spanish dribbles list this cheap fifa 16 coins season in this list, Neymar dribbles ranked first 457 times, ranking second Messi, Real Madrid players are nobody ranked in the top 10.

According to OPTA data, Neymar this season for the dribbles number of 457 times, at least 97 times more than any other La Liga player to buy fifa 16 coins become this season’s La Liga dribbles king, his extraordinary success rate of 49%. No. 2 is Messi small flea season completed a total of 360 times dribbles, it is worth mentioning that, Messi’s dribbles success rate of 55%, the top 10 players with the cheap fifa coins highest success rate.

No. 3 is ranked Celta winger Orellana, Suarez is No. 5. It is worth noting, including the C Ronaldo and Bale, including Real Madrid player did not enter the list of the top 10.

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Exposed Zidane Remain to Real Madrid Next Season

According to “Marca” reported that Zidane has won the cheap fifa 16 coins trust of the club level, even the Champions League final defeat, he was still able to serve as Real Madrid coach.

Zidane has let Florentino believe that he is the best person to coach Real Madrid. Over the past few weeks, the news from inside the Real Madrid, Zidane will continue as Real Madrid coach. While Zidane just took over Real Madrid, the first few races did not achieve the expected results, but now he successfully created a team, Real Madrid to the cheap fifa ultimate team coins Champions League final, while the Primera Liga fight to the last round.

In early January of this year, Zidane replace Benitez, as Real Madrid coach, a few months later, Zidane has won the trust of the Madrid fans. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and other top clubs believe that Zidane is the right choice. He will buy fifa 16 coins for PS4 be a team on the verge of collapse, re-build a team.

Real Madrid president always trust Zidane, at first no one can think Zidane will lead Real Madrid to achieve any kind of results, but the Frenchman proved himself to Florentino also proved himself, he has reason to continue to believe in yourself .

“Marca” said Zidane already thinking about next season’s plan, every transaction, every sum contract, the club level will solicit the views of Zidane. Zidane with Real Madrid contract expires in 2018, for him, the most critical is the high level of trust and support.

“Marca” also said that if Zidane beat Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final, he will create another record: history with seven players, coaches two identities win the Champions League, after six are: Mu Muñoz, Giovanni Trapattoni, Johan Cruyff, Carlo Ancelotti, Frank Rijkaard, Guardiola.

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