Messi Personally Write A Touching Letter

Thursday, Messi took part in an event, he personally wrote a letter, and the letter will be sent to a special group. It is reported that,  Messi will buy fifa 16 coins write a letter every week, write a total of 10, these letters will be sent to different places around the world.

The following is the content of cheap fifa 16 ut coins this letter:

I want to share with you a few words. I’m a man with few words, because I believe that, whether in football or in life, is always more important to do than to say.

I hope you remember that life’s difficulties – those unfair things, will not prevent us from going ahead, although we feel fear when we face sometimes looks terrible, but you need to stand up and face those powerful things than you , struggle, perseverance, do not fall. stand up to the challenge, I would do the same thing.

Thank you inspire me and for all, let us remember always have to be strong. If you are just marking time, so life will have reservations for you.

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