Champion Total List: Messi Just 9th, C Ronaldo Not in The Top 10

Barcelona is expected on Saturday to buy fifa 16 coins win the league championship, and if Barcelona win, then Barcelona player Iniesta and Alves, will be closer to the world football championship record number of players.

In football history, a group of cheap fifa 16 coins collective honor in capturing very successful players in their respective teams won many trophies, among which there are many Barcelona players. Barcelona players began to approach more than the number of trophies in world football history chart ranking legend. Over the past 10 years, Barcelona won many trophies, and Barcelona this season there is a great wish to win two trophies.

Currently ranked No. 9 in the rankings trophy is Pique and Messi. Two people of the same age, in the top flight debut time almost, his career close to the same number of trophies. Both are 27 trophies, but Pique trophies in 12 international trophies, Messi was 11. Messi in Barca get more trophies,  but Pique get more in a multi-national team. In front of cheap fifa ultimate team coins them is Paul Scholes and Harvey, the two players have 28 trophies, and Harvey has not retired.

The number of trophies Iniesta, Bailey get all 29. The next two weeks, Iniesta is expected to be rewritten to 31 the number of trophies, tying former Manchester United jersey – Gary Neville. In addition, Alves has won 31 trophies, if we get two, he will enter the history of the top three rankings.

Currently ranked first in the Champions League is Ryan Giggs, the Welsh players to get over 36 trophy, while Portugal goalkeeper Baia ranked second to get over 35 trophy. Likely to leave in the case of Alves Barcelona and close to the retired, will continue to create a record should be Iniesta. White with Barcelona contract expires in June 2018, he has a great wish to go beyond the already retired Ryan Giggs and Baia, becoming won the most trophies in the history of players.

Player trophy top ten (+ club team):

1. Ryan Giggs 36 crown

2. Baia 35 crown

3.  Gary Neville 31 crown

Alves 31 crown

5. Iniesta 29 crown

Bailey 29 crown

7. Harvey 28 crown

Scholes 28 crown

9. Pique 27 crown

Messi 27 crown

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