FIFA Statement On Recent Media Articles

Since being elected, the FIFA President has focused his full attention on the development and promotion of cheap fifa 16 coins football globally; the implementation of reforms; and ensuring that the organisation operates as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to fulfil our mission.

This week FIFA made great strides by appointing a new Secretary General, announcing an enhanced global football development program, and welcoming two new member associations into the football community. The FIFA Congress also took the decision to buy fifa 16 coins PS4 allow the Council, on an interim basis, to appoint or dismiss members of the judicial bodies, the Audit & Compliance Committee and the Governance Committee. ‎

This action was in support of expediting the reform effort, putting the right individuals on critically important committees, and removing those who breach their obligations while of course following due process, based on a request from the relevant independent judicial bodies or the Audit & Compliance Committee.

FIFA is dismayed to learn that Prof. Pieth would have any information pertaining to compensation matters relating to fifa 16 ultimate team coins FIFA personnel, as these matters are private and confidential. FIFA is concerned that certain individuals may be seeking to advance their own agenda to the detriment of football, making claims that are baseless and without merit.

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