European Teams Latest Ranking: Real Madrid NO.1, Barcelona NO.3

Recently, UEFA announced the latest rank of European team, based on the war in Europe the major European team standings, Real Madrid continues to buy fifa 16 coins rank first in Europe, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ranked the top three, Atletico Madrid continues to rank fourth. Since the end of the 2013/14 season, the Whites had been occupying the top position in the list.

UEFA official definition of World War team coefficient, depending on the club in the Champions League and cheap fifa 16 coins Europa League coefficient obtained score, a total count of the club coefficient war in Europe over the past five seasons, scoring (including this season).

UEFA ranking before  20:( the number us UEFA points)

1. Real Madrid -175.028

2. Bayern -163.035

3. Barcelona -159.028

4. Atletico -143.028

5. Chelsea -136.256

6. Benfica -116.616

7. Paris St Germain -112.549

8. Dortmund -110.035

9. Juventus -107.087

10. Arsenal -105.256

11. Manchester City -99.256

12. Valencia -97.028

13. Schalke 04-96.035

14. Sevilla -93.528

15. Zenit -93.216

16. Porto -92.616

17. Naples -90.087

18. Leverkusen -89.035

19. Basel -87.755

20. Manchester United -82.256

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