La Liga Dribbles list: Neymar NO.1, Messi NO.2, C Ronaldo is Not in Top 10

La Liga is already ending, famous football website OPTA data statistics of the Spanish dribbles list this cheap fifa 16 coins season in this list, Neymar dribbles ranked first 457 times, ranking second Messi, Real Madrid players are nobody ranked in the top 10.

According to OPTA data, Neymar this season for the dribbles number of 457 times, at least 97 times more than any other La Liga player to buy fifa 16 coins become this season’s La Liga dribbles king, his extraordinary success rate of 49%. No. 2 is Messi small flea season completed a total of 360 times dribbles, it is worth mentioning that, Messi’s dribbles success rate of 55%, the top 10 players with the cheap fifa coins highest success rate.

No. 3 is ranked Celta winger Orellana, Suarez is No. 5. It is worth noting, including the C Ronaldo and Bale, including Real Madrid player did not enter the list of the top 10.

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