Real Madrid President Mock Barcelona: Real Madrid Has 11 Crown, Barcelona Only Five Crown

During Florentino Real Madrid coach, he spent a lot of money, but it is pitiful titles, for Florentino suffered many Barcelona fans taunt. This time, after Real Madrid win the cheap fifa 16 coins Champions League, Florentino at the San Siro – Meazza made a gesture, hit back at doubters.

At that time, Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid buy fifa 16 coins rely on penalty shootout, won the club’s first 11 Champions League trophy. Florentino with a joking tone, said: “You must agree that Real Madrid is even better team, Barcelona has won five Champions League, we won 11 trophies!” “Marca” said Florencia when Tarantino celebrate Real Madrid team history 11 crown, Barcelona Real Madrid president mocking titles less.

“Daily Sport newspaper,” it is further reported that the matter was in the stadium box sat a Ming Basa fans from close Florentino, Florentino roaring toward him: “Florentino, you ! must buy fifa coins admit that Barcelona is the best “Florentino turned his hands to display the” 5 “figure, hit back saying:”! Barcelona only five, we have 11, “after that Ming Basa fans say, former Real Madrid in the cheap fifa coins Champions League five times to get a very,. “but those titles from the bad times,” Florentino finally responded by saying: “Right now, we have 11 championship ……”

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