Messi Maybe Will Miss the Argentina Opener of America’s Cup, Injury Still Feel Pain

Opening of the America’s Cup has been getting closer, if the injured Messi can play very affecting the people. According to “Daily Sports Daily” reports, Messi may miss the cheap fifa 16 coins tournament in Argentina and Chile opener.

Last weekend, in the warm-up match between Argentina and Honduras, in the case of loss of cheap fifa coins balance Messi was kicked opponents back waist position, pain immediately be benched. After the match, according to the official statement of Argentina, Messi is left ribs and lumbar soft tissue contusion. Doctors say the first 48 hours will buy fifa 16 coins be crucial to recovery.

According to “Daily Sports Daily” reported, although the condition has improved every day, but Messi is still very painful. After the injury, he did not participate in training Messi, did not follow the Argentine national team to the United States, but returned to Rosario and his family doctor, accompanied by recuperating.

Wednesday or Thursday, Messi will buy fifa coins return to Barcelona to attend the court hearing the case of tax evasion. According to the plan, Messi will travel to the US on Saturday, with the Argentine national team to join. However, the “Daily Sport newspaper,” It seems that injury healed plus long flight, Messi can play the first match with Chile, play on a big question mark.

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