C Ronaldo Was Elected The Most Popular Sportsman, Messi NO.3

According to the cheap fifa coins influence of social media and Google searches, ESPN selected the world’s top 100 most cheap fifa 16 coins popular athletes. In this list of the top 10 footballers for almost half, C Ronaldo ranked first, Messi came in third, J Ronaldo and Neymar are also on the list.

First: C Ronaldo

Revenue: 50 million euros

Sponsorship: 25 million euros

Facebook fans: 110 800 000

Twitter fans: 40.8 million

Second: James

Revenue: 21 million euros

Sponsorship: 40 million euros

Facebook fans: 22.4 million

Twitter fans: 29.6 million

Third: Messi

Revenue: 49.5 million euros

Sponsorship: 20 million euros

Facebook fans: 84.3 million

Twitter fans: None

Fourth: Neymar

Revenue: 10 million euros

Sponsorship: 15 million euros

Facebook fans: 56.4 million

Twitter fans: 22.1 million

Fifth: Roger Federer

Revenue: 7.9 million euros

Sponsorship: 55 million euros

Facebook fans: 14.5 million

Twitter fans: 4700000

In addition, the first 6-10 are: Durant, Tiger – Woods, Villa – Kerry (cricket), J Ronaldo, Nadal

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