OMG! UEFA Maybe Expel Russia & England From European Cup

UEFA announced on its official website, if there is another fan violence occurred, may be disqualified England and Russia for the cheap fifa 16 coins current European Cup.

UEFA’s official website announced that the UEFA Executive Committee that the fans of this violence is “disgusting”, they believe that “these acts are football world completely unacceptable.” UEFA requirements specification England and Russia conduct their fans again if there is violence, England and Russia could face expulsion from cheap fifa 16 coins European Cup penalty.

According to previous reports, the cheap fifa 16 coins fans UEFA describe this conflict as “extremely offensive”, where the Russian fans were accused of violence, racial discrimination and acts of illegal fireworks. Before the official UEFA said in a statement: “Our disciplinary committee will Euro 2016 group match Group B 1-1 draw with England fans in the event of the Russian competition investigation,  June 14th,  announced the decision of punishment. but also on the security situation in France supervision, improve the social safety factor during the European Cup. “


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