UEFA Announced That Russia Took Suspended Probation Penalties

UEFA Russian team took penalties, particularly as “suspended probation” and fines.

After two days on the RFU allegations, UEFA buy fifa coins make a formal decision on punishment, imposed on Russia “suspended probation” (suspended disqualification) penalty, that is to say in the future of the Russian team in the game, as long as the stadium occurred fans riot and other activities, the team suspensions will buy fifa coins take effect immediately, no need to go through allegations programs.

But it is worth mentioning is that the “suspended probation” punishment trigger conditions only appear in the game fans riot, if an accident outside the stadium, and can not trigger the Russian ban penalty. In addition, the RFU have the right to appeal this decision on punishment.

UEFA’s disciplinary committee said in a statement: “Because fans riot on the European Cup, the Russian team will buy fifa coins be banned for probation penalties, probation period to the end of the European Cup, if during the competition, the emergence of a similar nature in the stadium in any match Russia activities, probation will be canceled directly impose penalty of disqualification. ”

In addition, UEFA also fined RFU 150,000 euros.


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