Insider: Di Bala rejected Barcelona’s high offer

Insiders said that the Juventus striker Di Bala rejected the offer from Barcelona. Last summer, Di Bala join Juventus from Palermo with 40 million euros, cheap fifa 16 coins last season he scored 19 goals and 9 assists in Serie A.

Grupo Mascardi founder Di Bala Personal Representative Maas Cady accept Gazzamercato interview, he said: “When I chat with Di Bala and his agent, I knew he was walking on the right path, and Inter Milan last year Milan want to get fifa 16 coins him, but he chose to give him more sense of security Juve. Juve in his career is just beginning. ”

“The president whether he left Juventus? Volatility of the transfer market, but Di Bala proves he has his own ideas. In recent months, he told Barca really interested, I think they offer up to 80 million euros. However, Di Bala idea is that you want for him to  buy fifa coins contribute at the highest level Juve stage performance opportunities to increase their experience in the game. “


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