Italian Football Federation president: the German team is also afraid of Italy

After 2-0 Lectra Spain, fifa 16 coins Italy and successfully broke into the European Cup quarter-finals, their opponents in the quarterfinals will be old rivals Germany.

Italian Football Federation Si Tarver Chio in an interview, said: “We played a great game, a surprise to everyone, I think the team is in the road to success We have a fantastic coach. I said that Italy can get the European Cup, so I hope  buy fifa 16 coins the next team can have better performance. ”

“Next we will face the German team, like Spain, they are formidable opponents, but I think the German team also afraid of Italy, in Bordeaux, we have a better performance.”

“Italy is very powerful, the other teams are also understood that in two years time, I also have cheap fifa coins  a deep understanding of the team. The next every game we go forward on the road to overcome obstacles, but overall, the team also enjoy the process. “


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