Ole: Messi do not think about anthing, on fact,we need to reflect ourselves

Messi announced fifa 16 coins its withdrawal from the national team, “Ole” Edit Federico Nogueira published articles.

“Stars are always in the sky, more than anything else are dazzling. He is the king on his planet, but so humble, it is hard to cheap fifa 16 coins  generate fear. If this is the case, he will not be one of us up. Are blue white shirts played this is optional, but is optional, but he has chosen us.

“Like everything else in life, there are always those who have lost the inestimable value of his escape before we have said is not good, but now we seem to buy fifa coins suffer, followed by the question” without him ,what should we do? “Those pessimists, those extreme people, or those crazy, would say: the world’s best fed up.

“Five Golden Globe winner no longer play for us, he let the world return to Argentina, he let Americans become our fans, he let the whole world keep watch our national team in front of the television game, he just let us have such a high title of voice.

“He just across thousands of kilometers in order to play a friendly game, he sat on the bench, at the risk of the risk of the body, only to a less important match. Not to mention his attitude towards the fans. I’ve seen him in the hot sun, wore forty degrees heat and posed for fans to fans signature.

“He quit, or that we let him quit. And now we find that the value of his, all his efforts, he has brought us proud. I think that his decision was right. Let fate to decide his future will not come back. he does not consider what we need to reflect that. ”

It is worth mentioning that the “Ole” After the 2015 America’s Cup penalty shootout loss to Argentina, Chile, has published fiery editorials criticized Messi: “It is time we sharpened teeth, so the team next Mascherano that better reflect the spirit of the time Jagged captain’s armband worn on the wrong person, this people have had enough. “and played” Messi, what he did in the final, “the dazzling title, Messi played in the final performance of 3.5 points.

Massey quit the national team, Argentina which way to go, but he will not return to the national team, let the time to witness it all.


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