UEFA Announced That Russia Took Suspended Probation Penalties

UEFA Russian team took penalties, particularly as “suspended probation” and fines.

After two days on the RFU allegations, UEFA buy fifa coins make a formal decision on punishment, imposed on Russia “suspended probation” (suspended disqualification) penalty, that is to say in the future of the Russian team in the game, as long as the stadium occurred fans riot and other activities, the team suspensions will buy fifa coins take effect immediately, no need to go through allegations programs.

But it is worth mentioning is that the “suspended probation” punishment trigger conditions only appear in the game fans riot, if an accident outside the stadium, and can not trigger the Russian ban penalty. In addition, the RFU have the right to appeal this decision on punishment.

UEFA’s disciplinary committee said in a statement: “Because fans riot on the European Cup, the Russian team will buy fifa coins be banned for probation penalties, probation period to the end of the European Cup, if during the competition, the emergence of a similar nature in the stadium in any match Russia activities, probation will be canceled directly impose penalty of disqualification. ”

In addition, UEFA also fined RFU 150,000 euros.

Blatter: Messi Talk To Himself That He Is The Best But Not Champion

Remember two years ago Messi missed World Cup? As a former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, one of the witnesses of the time, who buy fifa coins told us Messi’s state at that time.

It is investigated former FIFA president Sepp Blatter in a recent interview with Argentina’s “national newspaper” interview, in which he recalled the scene in the 2014 World Cup awards ceremony on:

“It was Messi buy fifa coins attend the awards ceremony after game, he got the best player in the tournament, but lost the finals. I saw he talked to himself ‘best player, but not a champion. ‘, over and over again. ”

2014 World Cup, Argentina buy fifa coins lost to Germany in the final last time, Messi also lost the champion. Many people remember, Messi left in tears after the game.

But although Messi did not win the championship, but Blatter still gave Messi praised, even to the extent as compared with C Ronaldo:

“C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi can not compare, there is no doubt that Messi is better, but he was the right person for son, and I really like his demeanor, which is a good guy.”

OMG! UEFA Maybe Expel Russia & England From European Cup

UEFA announced on its official website, if there is another fan violence occurred, may be disqualified England and Russia for the cheap fifa 16 coins current European Cup.

UEFA’s official website announced that the UEFA Executive Committee that the fans of this violence is “disgusting”, they believe that “these acts are football world completely unacceptable.” UEFA requirements specification England and Russia conduct their fans again if there is violence, England and Russia could face expulsion from cheap fifa 16 coins European Cup penalty.

According to previous reports, the cheap fifa 16 coins fans UEFA describe this conflict as “extremely offensive”, where the Russian fans were accused of violence, racial discrimination and acts of illegal fireworks. Before the official UEFA said in a statement: “Our disciplinary committee will Euro 2016 group match Group B 1-1 draw with England fans in the event of the Russian competition investigation,  June 14th,  announced the decision of punishment. but also on the security situation in France supervision, improve the social safety factor during the European Cup. “

Europe Cup, Bale Super Free Kick!

Wales against Slovakia this European Cup group match, the pitch of the most impressive players, no doubt is a Welsh player Bale. In the Real Madrid star, did not let the fans buy fifa 16 coins down, he was in the opening did not take long, he scored a sensational free-kick.

Match the first cheap fifa 16 coins 10 minutes before the games Wales 30 yards free kick, Bale stood before the ball, he with his left foot out of the penalty kick, after the rapid fall over the wall, goalkeeper saves no hurry. In this way, Bale with a wonderful goal to help Wales took the lead.

Since the time the first time in cheap fifa coins history of Wales in the European Cup, so Bale’s goal is Welsh history a European Cup goals, which is undoubtedly one of the goals go down in history. It is worth mentioning that this is the Bale last seven games, scored for Wales sixth ball, there is no doubt that he is an absolute thigh Wales.

Coincidentally, Bale scored the first fut coins individual goal for Wales, is also the free kick, took place in October 2006, and is also a direct free kick, but the opponent is Slovakia. After ten years, Bale has so far played 35 times for Wales, scoring 21 goals, 15 assists, the data is very bright. Now Bale in Wales team history scoring list, ranked No. 5, from the first of Ian – Rush (28 goals)’re just seven goals.

Any ball on a European Cup, 2012 Italy VS Croatia match, Andrea Pirlo scored. Bale this grain free kick, is the first grain from Pirlo free kick after the ball, European Cup race in produce.

Best Team In The European Cup History

In March of this year, UEFA official website launched a poll, selected the best team in the cheap fifa 16 coins history of the European Cup from 50 candidates, the vote of the participating site has strict requirements, must meet the following four conditions two: selected for the next European Cup the best team; at least qualify for the semi-finals once; won the European Cup top scorer; left their iconic moments in European Cup.

Recently, the final outcome of the cheap fifa coins referendum also been released, the goalkeeper position is selected from the veteran Juventus Buffon, the back four were Ram, Puyol, Beckenbauer and Paolo Maldini, Pirlo, Yinie Si tower and midfielder Zinedine Zidane are the three candidates selected in the forward line is C Ronaldo, Henry and Van – Van Basten. Active players, there are five players nominated.

According to statistics, a total of 309,690 people participated in the vote, and ultimately the most votes is the current Real Madrid coach Zidane, he received a total of 255,694 votes, came in second from Italian legend Paolo Maldini, he got the 240 209 votes, and the rest of the players were not able to buy fifa 16 coins vote more than 200,000.

Eleven European Cup best players:

Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

Defenders: Lahm (Germany), Carles Puyol (Spain), Franz Beckenbauer (Germany), Paolo Maldini (Italy)

Midfielders: Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Andres Iniesta (Spain), Zinedine Zidane (France)

Forward: C Ronaldo(Portugal), Thierry Henry (France), Van – Van Basten (Netherlands)

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Argentina Confirms Messi will be absent America’s Cup Opener Coz Wait Injury Not Recover

Since last week’s game against Honduras after being hit waist rival, Messi could buy fifa 16 coins face Chile in Argentina in the first round match debut, the problem has become Argentina fans most concern. According to Spain, “sports daily,” the latest report, Messi willmiss the play determining Argentine group stage opener.

Although Messi’s back injury is not very serious, but the Argentine national team doctor still very cautious that Messi buy fifa coins play football , they do not want to take any risks, afraid to let Messi play the game too early, so as not to plum West’s injury worsened. They believe that in order to Argentina in the Copa America go further, a healthy Messi is absolutely indispensable. The report also said that Messi I still feel some pain in the waist, and thus missed the team training on Saturday.

Argentina national team coach Martino also confirmed at a news conference Messi missed the cheap fifa 16 coins first battle and said the midfielder Gaitan from Benfica will replace Messi into the starting eleven in the list. Benfica’s Gaitan is the core of generals, wearing jersey No. 10, according to several media reports, the 28-year-old player will move to Atletico Madrid next season to play, Atletico in order to get him to spend about 25 million euros transfer fee.

Martino also said that at the same time, we do not need to worry about Messi, because he believes Messi able to play in the cheap fifa coins second round group stage match against Panama.